I hope everyone is reading this one because it is almost race day and it should answer any questions you may have.

The most common question I have had the past few weeks is, “what time does the race start?”  Seems like a simple question, but when technology gets involved sometimes simple things get complicated. Anyhow, We have a slick countdown on the website and if you look carefully at that, are somewhat of a math genius and subtract one hour because our IT department made a mistake, then you can deduce that race time is 8AM! To clarify that is for the 10k while the 5k will start at 8:30.  After last year, we made changes to the start times  that we hope will result in everyone finishing roughly at the same time so that we can all CELEBRATE together!  If you plan to register morning of, please arrive between 6:30 and 7 to ensure you have time to do so. Remember online registration is open until midnight tonight and Odd Side Ales has donated a wonderful gift basket that will be raffled off to one lucky preregistered runner so you may just want to register right now… here’s the link:!

People also wonder “where the heck is this mystical Brainy Day Trail?”  It is the best kept secret in West MI trail running and it is on our property in Nunica at 16489 124th Avenue across the street from The Mellema Farm Market.

Tonight is the last chance to come out at 6PM, register with no online registration fees (cash/check only) and practice on the course. But there is a catch, you have to help for the hour prior. We have some tasks that need to get done so we will work from 6-7, then we will head out to run and then we can drink adult beverages around a bonfire!  It should be fun, but will also be work so bring a rake and a pair of gloves just in case you are assigned to work on the trail!

This should have you covered for race day. Oh and remember, if you are fast, or know someone who is fast, there is a $100 prize for the top overall male and female winners of both the 5k and 10k events!

**IT has been notified of the error with the countdown and should be fixing it… bottom line the 10k race starts at 8!

Veronica Constantine

Founder and Race Director

Brainy Day Trail Run


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