BD5K Planning Committee

For the first 6 years of this race, Veronica tried to do everything herself with the help of family members. Then she decided that for the race to grow, she would need some help. She reached out to family and friends ( and a few outsiders ) and a great committee dedicated to making this event a success was created. Here are the people who are leading the charge this year.

Brainy Day 5K

Veronica Constantine – Race Director & Founder

Veronica (Vern) is the founder of the Brainy Day 5K and a driving force behind making it a charitable success. Her love for running is quite clear when you see how many races she participates in and volunteers her time.


Brainy Day 5K

Kevin Curley – Associate Race Director

Kevin brings a lot of passion to the planning committee and a great sense of technology. He helped Veronica with the first BD5K website and also helped launch the race’s Facebook page. With Kevin’s background in marketing and his enthusiasm for running (his wife Alana is also on the committee), we have been able to expand our digital reach and attract new runners to the event.

Brainy Day 5K

Karla Constantine – Local Expert / Vern’s Mother-in-law

Karla, a lifelong resident of West Michigan, is the committee’s go-to person for reaching out to the public. As a business owner in Spring Lake, Karla understands the community better than anyone else on the team. Her dedication to the race is strong and she continues to be the only member of the committee that participates each year – and helps set-up and clean-up.

Brainy Day 5K

Alana Garcia – Elite Racing Experience

Alana, a champion marathon runner, joined the Brainy Day team in 2014. Joining her husband Kevin on the committee, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the committee as a lifelong runner. This summer, Alana finished first in the women division the Charlevoix Marathon.

Brainy Day 5K

Sarah Davidson – Volunteer Coordinator

After volunteering with the Fifth Third River Bank run the last five years as a brand ambassador and an elite suit volunteer, Sarah wanted to find a running race she could volunteer for closer to home as well benefit a great cause. She joined the Brainy Day Committee in 2014. Coming from the River Bank Run environment she brings a lot of knowledge and ideas on how to continue to grow the Brainy Day Race

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